Tsunami and Ultimate Positions


At Truman State University there is only one Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team called Tsunami. Tsunami was originally founded in 2004 and has been growing ever since! Tsunami started as a small but mighty team and traveled to tourPicturenaments across the nation, including one to New Orleans. Since 2004, Tsunami has gone to nationals the past five consecutive years placing either 3rd, 5th, or 7th.


To further explain Ultimate, I thought it would be beneficial to discuss the two different positions that you can play as a player. There are seven people on each team that play at once, and usually four of the seven are called cutters. A cutter’s job is to run a strategic pattern with their fellow cutters up-field. Their job consists of running away from their defenders and catching the Frisbee from the handlers. Handlers are the other position and are typically played by the other three players on the field. Handlers move the disc from side to side of the field in order to find the best open looks at the cutters. Handlers are usually the players who hold the disc the most and who have the best throws. Even though this is only the basic understanding of the positions to Ultimate, Ultimate is a pretty simple game and does not get too complex beyond this; next week I will be talking more about the rules and expectations as a player.




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