More than a game

Firstly, I

I would like to apologize for the lateness of this post. I had a family emergency and needed to travel back home to STL in order to be with my family. The post for tomorrow will not be late, and you can expect it by the usual time, 6 pm.

The Impact of Alumni

Tsunami has quite the alumni base that are all supportive and continue to reach out to the current active players throughout each season. On our social media pages and website, our PR representative updates our fans on our successes at tournaments. There have also been many times where our team has been able to travel far across the nation and able to stay with alumni who have homes.

Not only do Alumni have an impact on Tsunami, but Tsunami has a prominent impact on people! At first as a joke, but turned into something real, a friend and I reached out to all alumni in Fall 2015 to see how many alumni had a wave tattoo due to the impact of Tsunami. After an overwhelming amount of responses, we found that 44% of Tsunami graduates get a wave tattoo in order to commemoration the amount of fun they had throughout their college Ultimate Frisbee experience. And since, many more graduates have done the same, therefore, I would not be surprised to see that percentage rise.

Here is a photo from my freshman year where everyone in this photo, except myself and one other girl, has graduated. 10641213_870922282921077_954199804714054445_n

This post is not only about Tsunami though, Tsunami is only a college level team, and to many of our players, its the first Ultimate Frisbee team that we play on. Many of our players, either during their college years or after graduation, join club ultimate teams. Club is typically more competitive and have players who have been playing for years. Ultimate is one of those sports where after you join, you do not want to stop playing due to the community and friendships that you make. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true! You get to meet people from across the nation in a familiar setting and bond over the sport that we love.  🙂




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