Being Captain

In the late spring of 2017, Tsunami held elections to choose the executive members that will help keep our collegiate team on track and successful. One question that became apparent was who was to lead the team. We held nominations and to my surprise, I was nominated for the important role of Captain. Being a senior, I always thought about running for the captain position, but was nervous due to the overwhelming tasks and decisions that need to be made for the good of the team. Another thing I would need to work on is being a leader. Captains lead practice and tournaments, they call lines in intense and important games, and of course, I need to make sure I am one of the hardest working people on the field at all times in order to lead as a role model.


This post is about my experience thus far, but it is only fall, so what I say now may change over the course of the entire season. But so far, so good! There of course have been some hard decisions and self-discovery moments along the way, but one can expect that when given this role. I am not the only captain of Tsunami, there are two other captains who are both Juniors, Bud and Posh (Nicknames to keep anonymity) and a coach Willie. We have to work together and meet once a week for hours at a time in order to plan and organize the team. This way, we have a checks and balance kind of system to keep this team with an equal leadership.




Things to keep in mind:

If you’re considering becoming a captain, I recommend it! It may be a hard task that will challenge your leadership skills, but it is truly rewarding when you see a rookie throw a perfect flick that you taught them. One thing to keep in mind, or some advice from a new captain, is to reach out to your teammates individually. You want to make sure that all your teammates feel comfortable enough to talk to you if there is a problem. And one way to do that is to initiate that platform and approach them first. We sent out a survey to our team that asked for complete honest feedback thus far, and it has truly helped our captain-ship evolve to the people our teammates need to be successful.



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