Tournament Culture

If you were to ask an ultimate Frisbee player what a typical tournament was like, you’d likely get two very different answers depending on the season. In the fall, tournaments are fun, carefree, and more than likely a party atmosphere. But, if you were to ask a player in the spring, tournaments are more serious and competitive. Fall and Spring college ultimate are on polar sides of the competitive sphere and I am here to tell you that both are fun in their own way.

Fall- most fall tournaments are dress up/costume tournaments where you wear an o15025129_1368002206546413_7740720541845847667_outfit while playing. Hence my corn outfit on my about me page of this site. People can wear anything at all as long as you can somewhat play in it. Fall is more commonly associated with the old Frisbee lifestyle wear people just toss discs and have fun. There is of course, more structure than in the past, but it is more just hucking and seeing what rookie can run the most so the vets do not  have to play. People are typically more laid back and willing to have a conversation with you. I always meet new people from all over the nation at fall tournaments, and its fun to see them again at a later tournament.

Spring- spring is where our competitive culture comes out. This is where we call lines of the most skilled players in order to win the most amount of games. Tournaments are sanctioned, meaning the games we play affect our ranking in the nation. The best Tsunami has done is third place at Nationals in 2014; this year, we are looking to do just as well. In the spring, teams and players, myself included, look up strategies on how to become better players, and how to improve the team as a whole. Truman is a DIII ultimate team even though their other sports are not DIII. DIII ultimate is considerably small, therefore, our team has been in the spotlight before and feels the pressure to do well. Come spring time, there may be an intense change of pace of things.


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