Teaching Ultimate

I have been asked by several different people, mainly alumni from my current team, how being a captain is, but mainly how teaching is going. It is hard to balance teaching a sport with such a high learning curve, as this sport moves fast, with or without you. I am currently enrolled in a few education classes here at Truman State University, and so I have taken some key terms and skills that I have learned from that class into being an effective teaching Captain. For example, there is a diagram on how to be an effective teacher:


This Venn diagram has been the source for many of my strategies for teaching ultimate. Another source that I use is mostly the other captains and coach. We all strategize together and play to our strengths. We play to our strengths by having the person with the most skill in that particular area teach that element of Ultimate Frisbee to the rest of the team. If we all lack in that area, or we are equal in strength, then we do research on how to teach it efficiently and effectively, and we draw knowledge from the rest of our team! Ultimate is a team sport, it would be unnatural to not allow the veteran players for their input on a particular element of Ultimate Frisbee.

Now, these strategies do not only relate to ultimate, even though this is an Ultimate Frisbee blog. You can apply these strategies and diagrams to being a successful leader or team player. Team player can also range to simply a group project at school or work. Essentially, use your resources surrounding you and ask for help. It will not only strengthen your team, but also show transparency that you’re not afraid to ask for help, it will make you a stronger leader in life.


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